Index Investing

Why Index Investing?

Index investing provides efficient, transparent and low-cost exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Market Exposure

Index funds aim to deliver the performance of the cryptocurrency market.


Holdings in index funds are publicly available.


Index products are made up of a broad portfolio of individual assets and can help lessen the risk that comes with investing in a single cryptocurrency.


Index products offer a cost-effective route to many markets which would otherwise be expensive to access.

Benefits of Equal Weight

Equal weight is a "Smart Beta" investment strategy that gives the same weight to each coin in an index fund

  • Simple To Understand - Equal weight tracks the performance of a set number (15) cryptocurrencies with equal holding in each, which makes them a straightforward investment.
  • Successful Formula - Equal-weighted index funds systematically buy low and sell high keeping an equal holding across the top 15 coins, thereby adhering to the fundamental rules of successful long term investing.
  • Relative Performance - Equal weight beat market cap over 57% of the one year periods, on a rolling monthly basis since the funds started. Moreover the funds outperformed over 84% of the five year periods and 100% of the ten year periods.
  • Globally smart beta is the fastest growing segment of the asset management industry as a whole.
Why Invest In IX15

Why Invest In IX15


Liquidity via smart contract

Blockchain transparency

NAV price floor protection

AI-enabled trading


Proceeds from staking reinvested back into the fund

Post launch - Scheduled automatic re-investments (token sale participants only)

Contrarian trading strategy - sell outperformers & buy underperformers

>75% of the entire crypto market available by holding the top 15 coins equally weighted


6.7% holding in each of the top 15 cryptocurrencies

99% of token sale funds reinvested into the fund

24/7 trading: trade the IX15 token anytime on/off exchange

Rigorously back-tested - optimal portfolio size & rebalancing schedule


Quarterly performance reporting and evaluation

Annual accounts as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

Audited holdings of the fund

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) to ensure fair calculation & presentation of investment performance


White Paper

Read the White Paper

IX15 leverages cryptocurrencies’ low correlation to stocks and bonds, and is purpose built to diversify investments from traditional asset classes heavily linked to general economic fundamentals - a true hedge against inevitable market cyclicality and impending economic turmoil.

With IX15, investors hold the top 15 cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap, re-balanced every 30 days. This means, whatever happens to any individual cryptocurrency, IX15 holders will always hold the top 15 upon each rebalancing.

In this white paper, we introduce the rationale behind an equal weighted cryptocurrency index fund.

Fund Performance Comparison

The graph below compares the performance of IX15, BTC, S&P, and CRIX, for hypothetical funds each with an initial $1000 investment.

Cryptocurrency Index (CRIX) is a benchmark for the cryptocurrency market.

Change the fund start date
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Pre-Sale & Values

Token Sale

The IX15 token sale is scheduled to take place in Q2 2019.
The accepted currencies are ETH and BTC.

The token sale will start in
  • First Round
  • Second Round
  • Third Round
  • |
  • |
  • |
0% target raised
1 ETH = $1000 = 1000 IX15

Join now and get a higher discount.

  • Pre-Sale starts May 2019
  • Token Sale starts TBC
  • Token Sale ends TBC
  • Accepted currencies ETH, BTC
  • Number of tokens for sale 15,000,000 IX15


October 2017 – June 2018
Research and Development
June - July 2018
Testing and Systems Check
September 2018
Prepare for Launch
May 2019
Isonex Capital Private Token Pre-Sale Live Now
Isonex Capital Public Pre-Sale & Token Sale
Launch Fund
Listing on public exchange & audit
Quarterly Reporting
AI Trade Optimization

AI Trade Optimization

  • Proprietary AI technology autonomously tracks and rebalances the index fund
  • Genetic-based machine learning algorithms ensure trade effectiveness and cost efficiency
  • Advanced mathematical optimization of exchange liquidity
AI for Trade Execution Optimization

Token Security

Security will be implemented in line with top industry standards


Cold Storage

  • Currencies are reserved on offline servers thus protected against hacking and theft.
  • Multiple hardware wallets: purpose built tamper proof wallets designed specifically to hold digital currencies.
  • Holding private keys and digital signatures in secure offline devices.
  • Stored in secret locations.


Holding cryptocurrencies on exchanges results in a counter party risk to the exchange, Isonex Capital will mitigate counter party risk by distributing holdings across exchanges during rebalancing.

Above all it should be emphasized that the end user must employ caution at all times in protecting their digital assets.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

The token sale usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses
undertaken by the founding team until launch. For some of the larger projects.


99% of the funds raised will be converted into IX15 tokens and used to purchase the underlying fund assets. The remaining 1% of the funds raised will be used to cover initial legal and marketing expenses.

Token Symbol: IX15

Initial Value: 1 USD = 1 IX15

Type: ERC20


The Team

The Isonex Capital team are dedicated professionals with industry specific backgrounds.
Meticulously recruited by the founding members with the aim of creating an innovative and committed core team

Wai Sin
Wai Sin
Fikre Leguesse
Fikre Leguesse
Blockchain Developer
Adam Bieganski
Adam Bieganski
Development Lead
Dr Charalambos Ioannides
Dr Charalambos Ioannides
AI Software Developer
Vangelis Stavropoulos
Vangelis Stavropoulos
Stavros Pipis
Stavros Pipis
Digital Media
Steve Warneke
Steve Warneke
Digital Marketing


Charalambos Kannavias FCCA ACA
Financial Consultant
Rakhee Rabheru
Data Analyst
Amit Rabheru
Risk Consultant
David Rivera
Front End Developer
Dimitris Kanellis
Digital Marketing
John Sanchez


An index fund is a pool of assets that have collected and invested in a portfolio designed to track a specific index or investment methodology. It provides broad market exposure, low portfolio turnover but also low operating expenses. It adheres to rules or standards which don’t change with market fluctuations.
They refer to the interest rate that goes to the fund in order to deploy our business. Our lower cost delivers better returns to borrowers. Funds management fees are only 0.5% P/A as opposed to the 3% P/A plus 0.5% exit fees offered in the crypto market at the moment.
We are currently in discussion with multiple exchanges. We will publish any listing dates here once we have them. Liquidation of the IX15 token may be done off exchange, through the smart contract we provide. Please follow the steps shown in this blog post if you wish to liquidate your IX15 tokens: (blog link)
Dividends received from staking or HODLing cryptocurrencies will be reinvested back into the fund. Forks will be treated in the same way thus increasing the value of IX15 for token holders.
Liquidation will be enabled on the smart contract once the token sale has ended.
Tokens may be purchased [here-link] during the token sale which runs from (from date) to (to date). Once the token sale is over it will be possible to purchase the IX15 tokens from any of the listed exchanges.
The IX15 tokens may be held in any ERC20 compatible wallets. This post shows how to add the tokens to your MyEtherWallet account.
The private pre-sale begins in November 2018 and the public token sale date is TBC
The minimum investment is set at $20. TBC
The lock-up policy releases team's tokens at five different dates over a 2 year period.
Soft cap is set at US $5 million. Hard cap is set at US $100 million. TBD
You are not eligible and you are not to purchase any IX15 Tokens in the IX15 Token sale (as referred to in this White Paper) if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of the United States of America or a member of the “Public” in the Cayman Islands
No, you need to make sure you own the private keys for the address used to make the payment with. This is generally not the case with the addresses provided to you by an exchange.
The smart contract address will be published here once smart contract is live.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

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