One-Stop Shop

IX15 is the World's First Tokenized Equal Weight Digital Currency Index Fund designed to help you become a successful digital currency investor with one easy investment.

One All-encompassing Investment

  • IX15 holds the top 15 digital currencies: Each represents 6.7% of the overall portfolio
  • Broad market exposure: IX15 allows exposures to over 75% of the digital currency market with just one simple investment
  • Contrarian trading strategy: Back-testing shows IX15 consistently outperforms the market by selling outperformers and buying underperformers
  • Proof of stakes: Proceeds from any staked coins will be reinvested back into the fund
  • Scheduled automatic reinvestment: Token sale participants can schedule automatic reinvestment to take advantage of long-term cost averaging


  • 24/7 liquidity: Unlike majority of ICO's, IX15 can be liquidated 24/7 at the touch of a button via the Smart Contract
  • Rigorously back-tested: IX15 is fully back tested using over five years of historical data, achieving optimized portfolio holdings and rebalancing schedule
  • Maximized investment: Due to low operating costs and the self-funded nature of IX15, 97% of token sale funds are invested into the fund

Proprietary Technology

  • AI-enabled trading: A proprietary trading algorithm that finds the cheapest and most efficient trading path across different exchanges and different trading pairs
  • Smart contract: You can always liquidate IX15 immediately regardless of exchange liquidity
  • Cold storage optimization and distributed exchange storage: The Isonex Capital model calculates the optimal level of each individual asset that should be stored on exchanges versus cold wallets, striking the perfect balance between trading liquidity and asset security

Performance Reporting

  • Quarterly performance reporting: Fund performance is reported on a quarterly basis, keeping you informed of your investment progress
  • Annual accounts: Published once a year adhering to the International Accounting standards Board (IASB) standards
  • Fund audits: Fund holdings are audited by external auditors, giving you complete confidence in knowing how your money is invested
  • Return analysis: Calculated using the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) to ensure fair calculation and presentation of investment performance