Smart Contract Liquidation

Familiar traditional investments such as stocks and bonds can only be traded during trading hours, while limited also by available liquidity.

In contrast, the built-in smart contract mechanism in IX15 allows investors to cash out on their investments immediately and at any time regardless of exchange liquidity and trading hours


Token Security

  • Hardware wallets are used to hold digital currencies offline to protect against hacking and theft
  • Multiple hardware wallets eliminate any single point of failure, and they are stored in secret locations across multiple geographies to minimize and distribute risks
  • Isonex Capital developed a proprietary model that determines optimal cold vs exchange storage of digital currencies: Maximizing investor security while minimizing trading costs

Exchange Vetting

  • Holding cryptocurrencies on exchanges results in counterparty risk. Isonex Capital will mitigate this risk by distributing holdings across exchanges during rebalancing
  • Regular exchange vetting so that only reputable exchanges are used and to ensure sufficient volumes exist to facilitate trades and accurate pricing
  • Above all it should be emphasized that the end user must employ caution at all times in protecting their digital assets

Optimized Trading

Did you know exchanges only only provide access to a certain number of digital currencies? This means in order to create your own portfolio you will likely have to create accounts with many exchanges, incurring significant operational and trading fees.

IX15 leverages a 100% proprietary automatic trading algorithm that finds the shortest and cheapest trading path, minimizing the number of trades and fees required for a balanced portfolio.

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Simple to Understand

Investing in individual digital currencies requires time for research and analysis. The number of exchanges, services, and payment methods can cause a great deal of complexity and confusion

Whereas IX15 is designed to follow the overall performance of the digital currency market, making it a straightforward investment

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Investors continue to struggle with this basic investment principle beyond owning stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and real estate. Moreover, traditional assets are all intrinsically linked to one another, limiting the impact of their diversification potential.

Digital currencies on the other hand have zero correlation to traditional assets and the broader economic fundamentals, making them an attractive candidate for diversifying any investment portfolios

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Scheduled Automatic Investments

Token sale investors may set up automatic investments to simplify their lives while staying on track with investment plans

Scheduled investment is a simple way to avoid bad market timing of lump-sum investment through cost averaging. Using a set schedule to invest, regardless of the asset price should result in more coins purchased when prices are low, and fewer bought when prices are high

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